Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 11:53AM CST
What is this pre-auth in my transaction history?
At the time of purchase, a merchant "pre-authorizes" the transaction to your card. This reserves the estimated dollar amount of the purchase. Typically, within 24 hours of the pre-authorization, the merchant will post the transaction. When the transactions "posts," the "pre-authorization" drops off. The posted dollar amount is the final amount of the purchase.

The reason why the "pre-auth" and "post" amounts can be different is best illustrated with the example of leaving a tip at a restaurant. When a restaurant requests a "pre-authorization" on your Akimbo Card, 20% is added to this amount to estimate the tip that you will leave. Once the transaction posts 24 hours later, the amount will reflect the actual tip amount that you left (or didn't leave).

Essentially, a "pre-authorization" is the "hold" that is put on your card account at the time of making a purchase. The merchant then has 24-48 hours to actually post the final dollar amount and collect the funds from your account.

What if the purchase is cancelled?
Please request that the merchant provide Akimbo with a "Release of Pre-authorization", either by fax 1-210-249-4130 or email at Once received, Akimbo can clear the preauth. Please note, merchants typically have the ability to reverse these pre-auths at your request after you have successfully cancelled your order.

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